by Evonne Agnello


To anyone suffering from depression or trauma, I offer the strongest hope. These are highly treatable conditions. Rather than a life of wasted days of misery, treating mental illness can significantly enhance the lives of millions. I know because I’m one of them.

One in four Americans has a family member or friend who has mental illness, and it’s time we look in the mirror and in each others’ eyes and talk more openly about it. There’s no need for the pain of watching someone deal with it or facing it yourself. Those suffering must know this. Too many suffer alone from experiences that are common to countless.

What would our country be like if every American in need of mental health care received full treatment? How many homeless would find worthwhile lives? How much sadness could be replaced with vitality? How many suicides could be prevented?

Who will be the next American we allow to die on this doorstep?



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